FeedSquares: Great new way to read your New Feeds with Chrome

It’s hard making sense of all the news and rapidly seeing what you already read and what you didn’t read. Reading feeds with Google Reader is ok, but it still is not optimal if you have a lot of feeds with 1000s of new posts per day. Feedsquares tries to end this problem by making reading feeds more visual than you are used to. By organizing your feeds automatically and showing different categories in different colors like so:

When you want to read more, you simply click on a square to check what feeds there are. They appear in the bottom and are clickable as well.

What I like best about the extension is when you click on one of the article squares, it opens immediately, no loading time. Obviously this is because the content you see is actually in the Atom/RSS feed you requested, but it gives a very crisp, fast feel nonetheless.

I would recommend anyone with Chrome Browser and/or Android to install it by clicking here.