Features in Chrome 6

When companies make a new version of a software package, they always have to carefully consider what will be part of that version and what will be moved to the next version.

Google, in it’s process to create new versions of Chrome is no different. For version 6 a lot of stuff did not make the cut, but a lot of things did. So when you upgrade to Chrome 6 (when it is released) , you’ll have the following big features:

  • Background image resampling – when resizing images on a page, this is done multicore from now , which will speed up page loads
  • Synchronization of browser history – sync your history across multiple browsers
  • Faster SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • Extensions Sync – synchronize extensions across machines for the same user
  • Consolidated menu button – page buttons and tool

One of the biggest features missing from Chrome 6 for the final release is the popular native client. This feature would enable applications in the browser to run as fast as they would on the local computer. Think of games and/or 3D applications. This has been pushed to 7 becuase of, among others, problems with the Mac OS X sandbox.

Another major feature missing is HTML 5 fullscreen video. HTML 5 video is poised to overthrow flash in the online streaming video arena, however this will take  a few years yet. No need to hurry there.

All in all Chrome 6 will be an even better browser experience than we already have with 5, so I for one, can’t wait!