Facebook app for Android!

Googles Android seems to be very much the flavor of the month with manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon and all kinds of new apps springing up all over the place. Latest rumored app is a Facebook one.

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking site in the world. Millions of people from all walks of life and all ages use Facebook to keep up with friends, share pics and discuss hobbies.

It would make sense to open Facebook up to smartphones using the Android platform, but it was still a surprising turn of events as Facebook and Google have always enjoyed fierce competition. It just goes to show how much is being invested in Android by all sorts of people.

It also shows a regrouping of who-hates-who on the web: a few months ago Facebook would never have considered having anything to do with a Google app, no matter how handy. Maybe Eric Schmidt can join the Facebook board now and t?