Ex-Famitsu editor says what we all know: Wii U needs killer games

Hamamura Wii UThe president of Enterbrain — the Japanese conglomerate that owns the famous Famitsu games magazine — Hirokazu Hamamura, recently shared his thoughts in Nintendo and its Wii U console. And unsurprisingly, Hamamra believes what we all believe: Nintendo needs some killer games in order to succeed.

In fact, Hamamura puts it slightly different. He says that the Wii U needs killer content to be “resurrected”. Meaning he’s not exactly optimistic about the console now — but “resurrected” from what? The Wii U is far from dead.

He gave the example of the 3DS, saying: “Two years ago the handheld 3DS was called a failure, and then it bounced back”. He added that the Wii U “can be boosted if killer content is released. However developing a lot of games for both the Wii U and the 3DS is difficult”.

Hamamura used to be the Editor in Chief of Famitsu for many years and is one of the more respected games industry figures in Japan.

The Wii U has seen a steady climb in sales over the past few months — in the last week of December, the console sold nearly 110,000 units in Japan alone.