European Nintendo Direct 3DS round up

While pretty much all the Wii U-relatedĀ announcementsĀ in the most recent Nintendo Direct apply to both US and European regions, some of the 3DS information was significantly different between the two.

There was the usual nonsensical name-changes – this time the gameĀ releasedĀ in the US asĀ Kersploosh will be renamed Splash or Crash in Europe – but also some long-awaited released dates andĀ clarifications.

Note that as far as Nintendo’s concerned ‘Europe’ generally refers to all PAL territories, so Australian and New Zealand gamers can tentatively bank on this info as well.

    • Code of Princess, the Atlus-published beat-em-up / RPG / half-naked lady warrior simulator was given a vague ‘spring’ release in Europe, but unlike its release elswhere it will be coming exclusively to the eShop.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening, after simply failing to show up in the world outside Japan and the US, has been given a release date of April 19. There will also be a special edition Fire Emblem 3DS XL that comes preloaded with the game.
    • Level 5’sĀ Inazuma Eleven 3, apparently a port of the 2010 DS game released in Japan, was announced for this year. So good news if you like your football set in a colourful fantasy landĀ and in English.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will be on sale on the eShop forĀ ā‚¬29.99 from now until February 21.

Project X Zone, Animal Crossing: New Leaf andĀ Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan were also specifically mentioned as games that had confirme US released dates but are now confirmed to be coming to Europe as well. They were given vague launch windows that imply they will likely be releasing at the same time or a little after the United States.

It’s also worth noticing thatĀ HarmoKnight, DRW – The Last Ranger,Ā Lego City: The Chase Begins and new Virtual Console games were not mentioned at all in the European Nintendo Direct. Let’s hope they were simply overlooked.