Nintendo eShop having problems after the holidays, Nintendo acknowledges problem


If you unwrapped your shiny new Wii U or Nintendo 3DS and were excited to get connected to the Nintendo eShop to see all the great games available, you may have encountered a problem. According to Nintendo, the rush in holiday sales for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U has flooded the servers, making it hard to access any of the online services. This seems to be attributed to the ability to link the Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo Network ID service.

The recent system update added the ability to link a Nintendo Network ID with a Nintendo 3DS family system. This has become a popular feature and the number of users creating a Nintendo Network ID on their Nintendo 3DS and accessing the Nintendo eShop has been greater than anticipated. Because of this, there may be times when some users will experience service disruptions to the Nintendo eShop. If you are having problems accessing the Nintendo eShop, we ask that you try again at a later time.

Nintendo has acknowledged the problem on their support page and says they’re working to fix it for their new users, but asks that people continue to have patience as the service is adjusted to accommodate all the new console owners.

[via TIME]