Eric Schmidt: ‘Don’t be evil’ is the stupidest rule ever


Eric Schmidt is on a roll with his controversial comments! Last week he said the internet should have a “delete button” and now he is stating he believed Google’s “don’t be evil” rule was the stupidest thing ever.

Of course, we all want to be good, right? It seems almost impossible to not be a little “evil” from time to time, especially in the American market. But it seems Eric Schmidt has grown to appreciate this rule much more, mentioning that in a sense it “worked”.

The idea is that there is no clear set of rule on what is evil and what isn’t, but this rule would allow Googlers to speak up about what they consider unethical. Google cares a lot about its workers, so it makes sense to see them establishing such a system. It is always good to keep an eye on each other, as individuals can get carried away by the business side of the company.

This rule gave a voice to the crew. Even if there “is no book about evil”, the rule served its purpose. What do you think, though. Is Google a bit “evil” at times? Has this slogan helped the company reach its level of success, or has it somehow hurt them?

[via NPR]