Super Meat Boy creator’s next game is coming to Switch

Edmund McMillen, one part of Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat, has just announced a collaboration with Closure developer Tyler Glaiel on a new project called The End is Nigh.

The End is Nigh is an adventure platformer wherein players take control of internet streamer Ash who survived the end of the world. Along your journey you’ll collect video game cartridges and tumors across 12+  “explorable” chapters and 600+ levels.

McMillen’s blog post goes into detail about some of the game’s features, including the fact that each of the 20+ cartridges has their own mini game with achievements! Oh and you can also collect 100s tumors, because why not?

The End is Nigh will launch first on PC next month with a Switch release at a later date.

[via Edmundm]