eBay pulls listings for SNES Mini (who charge $200 for a console)

eBay has had enough with SNES Mini scalpers on its platform. The auction giant is pulling auctions for the SNES Mini that were ranging from $200 to $250 for pre-orders.

Just hours after pre-orders went online in the UK, scalpers who managed to get a pre-order quickly put it up on eBay, most selling for around £200, which translates to about $260 USD.

eBay quickly pulled many of the auctions, setting an example that this sort of scalping won’t be tolerated, especially since only pre-orders are being sold, and not the actual product which releases months from now.

In the US, eBay has also struck against scalpers, who went live with their auctions as soon as the console went up for pre-order on Amazon and other retailers.

The root of this issue is that many expect the SNES Classic (aka the SNES Mini) to be in short supply, despite Nintendo assuring gamers that they have learned their lesson from the NES Mini.

The NES Mini, launched last year, was in such short supply that the only way for most people to get one was to pay a hefty premium on eBay, often going for three times its retail price.

The SNES Classic launches on September 29th, and will include 21 classic SNES games, two controllers, and will retail for $80.