Here’s our first real look at Dragon Quest 11 gameplay footage

Dragon Quest 11 is due for a 2017 launch, and considering we’re under 2 weeks away from that calendar year it’s high time we saw some footage. Square Enix thought the same, thankfully, so they showed some off at Jump Fiesta.

Half of the video you see above shows us what it’ll look like on the 3DS. It looks pretty good on our end for a 3DS, anyway. More interesting is the PS4 version being shown alongside it — the world looks absolutely breathtaking, and it’s safe to say this is what we can expect for the Nintendo Switch version that’s also in development.

Moving along, we were also given a look at a new series character named Camus. He’s a thief, and that’s all we really know about him (except for the fact that his hair is really, really blue and really, really spiky).

It’s said Dragon Quest 11’s world will be vast in scope and filled with rich characters, and should overall be on par with previous titles in that regard. Visuals alone have our curiosity piqued, and anything new they do with the storytelling and gameplay will be like icing on a cake.