Doom Switch tech analysis

Doom is out on the Switch now and by all accounts, it’s a great game: it looks great on the Switch, plays great, and the Doom experience is very much there.

But the guys at Digital Foundry took things a step further and analyzed how the game performs on the Switch console (as they usually do with new games).

Overall, Digital Foundry concludes that Doom on Switch is a “incredible technical achievement”, and their video goes in-depth on how the developers managed to accomplish that.

One of the ways the game achieved that is by not actually running at 720p most times. Most times the game runs at around 600p, with 720p reserved for areas where not much is happening. Some times the game drops below 600p in order to maintain the visual quality and frame rate.

Check out the full video above. What are your thoughts on Doom so far? Let us know in the comments section below!