Doom on Switch vs other platforms

The guys at Digital Foundry did an in-depth analysis of Doom on the Switch and compared it to the other platforms. And obviously the Switch version isn’t as pretty as the other versions, due to lower resolution textures and effects.

The Switch version also runs at 30 FPS compared to 60 FPS on other consoles, but even despite all that, the Switch version of Doom is an impressive peice of work, Digital Foundry concludes. They even said that it’s “utterly insane – how did they do that?”

Digital Foundry calls it the “most ambitious Switch port yet”, and it’s easy to see why: Doom is one of the most graphically intense games on the market today, and it will be released on the Switch, the weakest console of the “big three”.

And not only that, Bethesda will release another huge title, Wolfenstein 2, on the Switch next year (they’re also releasing Skyrim this Fall on the Switch).

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