Don’t hold your breath for Overwatch on the Switch

Overwatch was one of the big hits of 2016 and many Nintendo fans are hoping the Blizzard brings the multiplayer shooter to the Switch. And while they’ve previously said that it would be “very challenging” to bring Overwatch to the Switch, now they’ve elaborated more on that.

Speaking to UK newspaper Express, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan talked about the game and what it would take to bring it to Switch. And quite a lot, apparently.

That’s because it’s already quite a challenge to maintain the multiplayer shooter on three different platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One), and adding another platform to that “just adds a lot of complexity for us”, according to Kaplan.

But he didn’t rule out Overwatch on the Switch entirely, at least officially speaking. “just because we’re not on a platform right now, it doesn’t mean we won’t reconsider it in the future, so we stay aware of all these things.”

That’s quite the political answer. The truth is, Overwatch on the Switch was always a long shot, and we doubt the game will ever come to Nintendo’s system.

At least we’ll have Splatoon 2.