Donkey Kong is pretty amazing in Skylanders Superchargers [VIDEO]

One of the surprise announcements at this year’s E3 presentation is that Nintendo is partnering with the developers at Vicarious Visions to incorporate two Nintendo characters into the upcoming release of Skylanders Superchargers. Both Donkey Kong and Bowser will appear in the new game, both with stylized vehicles that match.

The unique aspect of these two characters is that they’re dual toys. You can rotate the base to switch it between being a Skylander or an amiibo figure. While most Nintendo fans will likely want these two figures, here’s a quick glimpse of some of the gameplay in Skylanders Superchargers, featuring Donkey Kong. As you can see, the vehicle segments are a lot like the Star Fox series.

What do you think of the gameplay? Will you be picking up Skylanders Superchargers, or just getting the dual figures for their amiibo side?