Does Chrome OS Have Security Flaws From An Outdated Flash Version?

Google’s intentions, and part of their pitch, it that Chrome OS is inherently secure since it lives in the cloud. Don’t worry about patches and upgrades: Chrome OS keeps everything up to date for you, ensuring the highest level of security.

Maybe not. A Kaspersky Labs expert has reported a finding that Chrome OS runs on an outdated version of Adobe Flash Player. If Adobe Flash Player has security risks, flaws, and holes – which it often does – then Chrome OS users, too, are left exposed.

Ina Fried from AllThingsD reported on the potential issue, citing a Google employee who claims additional measures have been taken to account for these unique situations.

Regardless of this particular situation, it certainly calls into question the bulletproof security of Chrome OS. Are we a bit more vulnerable than we initially cared to believe? So far so good… hopefully Google is keeping an eagle close eye on this.