Disney announces Disney Infinity for Wii U

Disney has just released an official announcement trailer for Disney Infinity. The game, slated for a June release date, incorporates physical figures that can be purchased separately to be used in the game. This is achieved by the player placing the figures on a platform or “portal” that is connected to a console. As a result, the player will be allowed to control that character in game. This is obviously inspired by the very successful Skylanders series that incorporates a similar method.

This concept of portal gaming with collectible figures seems like a perfect fit for Disney, as the company has a seemingly infinite (no pun intended) cast of iconic characters that can be implemented in this game. If received well, players can likely see a long shelf life for it. Disney Infinity will support up to three interactive pieces to be used at once so players can customize their ultimate Disney team.


Disney Infinity is set to launch alongside 40 interactive pieces, with more to come. This will include 17 character figures as well as “Power Up Discs” and “Play Sets.” The Power Up Discs will allow the player to boost the attributes of their characters, add gadgets, and enhance the Play Sets. The Play Sets will provide the player with new locations in the Disney universe to explore, all of which have their own characters, vehicles, and gadgets that can be unlocked through game’s puzzles and exploration. All of the unlocked content is stored in the player’s “Toy Box” to be used as the player sees fit.

The trailer says that you can “play in their worlds” and “create your own” implying that players will be able to use different Disney creations to make their own world. Personally, I’d love to make a world combining Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean, and watch Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl square off against Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger.

Disney Infinity is going to be released on wide variety of platforms including Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS. Also, the game is set to launch on mobile devices at a later date.

So, does this announcement excite you? What characters and locations would you like to see in the game? Given the opportunity to create your own Disney inspired world, how would you make it?

Also, as a huge Disney fan, I notice a lot of cool references in the game’s short trailer, such as Mr. Incredible holding Alice’s croquet flamingo from Alice in Wonderland. What things do you guys notice?

via [Alt Disney World and GameFans]