Discussion: Where’s Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U?

For those of you who haven’t kept up with the media storm surrounding the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines on other platforms, the game is in dire straights. The game has been nearly universally panned and one of the development studios involved with the game, TimeGate Studios, has had to institute a layoff policy for people because of the poor performance of the game. So where’s the Wii U version?

Rumor Has It..

Shortly after the release of the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, a rumor went out that the Wii U version of the game was cancelled. This was quickly dispelled by SEGA, but so far the Wii U version of the game hasn’t seen the light of day. Originally, Wii U owners were told they would be receiving the best version of the game, as the GamePad would be used as the on-screen scanner that characters use to check for xenomorphs in the game. Now the rumor is that the Wii U version is the worst of all and that’s why we haven’t seen it yet.

According to an anonymous QA tester posting on reddit, the Wii U version of the game has “frame rate issues, texture loading, and horrendously misguided minigames thrown in”. The mini-games include getting damage bonuses for tracking xenomorphs using the GamePad motion tracker and keeping the welding tool’s heat at optimal when breaching doors.

Entire sections of the game were scrapped according to the QA tester:

The original story had some shit stuff too, but they made it worse. They were going to have stuff where you would free aliens, like empty the cages. They got rid of that. You also had control over your squads etc, and one of your squad would at somepoint come out as working for the enemy and try to fuck you over. The game came in super buggy, with lots of placeholder stuff saying what would come in. There was originally a cool opening where you go through the ship and actually take part in prep to go nto the sulaco. They changed that to a cutscene rather than bother polishing it. Numerous cutscenes were dropped too. We were shocked at how bad it was, but we thought it would get better, I mean how could they release it like they did?

The actual posts concerning the QA testers experience for the Wii U game have since been removed–likely due to breach of contract–but that still leaves the question, where is Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U? It’s been almost a month since it released on other platforms and neither SEGA nor Gearbox have stated when the Wii U version of the game will be available.

After this debacle, will you even be purchasing Aliens: Colonial Marines if it is released? Do you think SEGA has cancelled the game and just hasn’t said anything about it to Wii U owners? Let us know in the comments.