Different Tabs, Different Google Accounts

If there is ONE thing that bugs me about Chrome… this is it. I’ve got multiple GMail accounts and some shared Google Accounts that I use for work related purposes. As it stands, I have to run completely different browsers in order to use different Google accounts on the same computer. That is ludicrous!

And don’t give me any crap about the new “Switch Account” feature because sing it will log you out of your current tabs completely in may instances. Chrome runs separate instances in separate tabs and you SHOULD be able to have as many different GMail accounts logged into one browser window on different tabs.

I have to echo the irritation already voiced:

If Chrome opens tabs as different processes, can you make it so you can have multiple Google Accounts logged in at the same time? Having a personal account and a professional account I don’t wish to combine them, so I can stay organized and make sure everything is kept separate, but I don’t want to have to run two different browsers or even have two different windows open (one incognito). This will allow having two different Gmail accounts open, and all the various other things you can do in your account. Which will allow someone to always stay logged in, even if they have multiple accounts, or someone else wants to check their mail or something on your computer without having to log you out. Or say you have to find an email, that happens to be in the account that’s not signed in.
If it’s an issue with cookies, you could have different accounts store under different cookies instead of one Gmail cookie, maybe?
this could also allow for better use of extensions (for example, the Google Mail Checker, could notify of any new messages, and clicking on it would list the accounts and which one has a new message).

As well as the rage filled reply that I can totally appreciate:

The simple fact of the matter is that with firefox and opera, implementation aside, I can check multiple GMAIL accounts in the same browser.

I understand the cookie problem but I refuse to accept it. I mean gmail supports POP/IMAP, why not a lightweight chrome extension that implements a pop/imap client for authentication or anything else?
Idealy I would be able to open multiple gmail.com tabs and see the advertisements that generate revenue for google. I dont care how chrome handles it behind the scenes. I dont care if gmail has an affinity for chrome. I dont care to hear any more excuses.

Its this simple – I want a feature power users have been begging to have for the last year or so on these forums.

I can tell you this – It takes substantially less magic to invoke this feature request than say… ANY OF THE OTHER MAGIC GOOGLE ROUTINELY DOES! (like say an entire copy (or copies) of the internet you can search in milliseconds)

You’ve heard our opinion Google… now MAKE IT HAPPEN! (pretty please with cherries on top)