Rumor: Diddy Kong Racing 2 in development for Wii U


According to rumors, a sequel to the popular N64 racer Diddy Kong Racing is in development. And according to rumors, none other than Nintendo’s own Retro Studios are making the game, in collaboration with Monster Games.

Apparently, Nintendo planned to showcase the game at E3 last month, but decided against it so as to no interfere with potential Mario Kart 8 sales. The new information comes from a source claiming to have “inside information” about the development of Diddy Kong Racing 2.

According to the source, Nintendo has been working on a Diddy Kong Racing sequel since 2006, but the Wii version of the game was cancelled after poor sales of Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, and because the Diddy Kong Racing DS version didn’t sell well either.

After the success of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Nintendo started again to work on Diddy Kong Racing 2, this time for the Wii U. The concept of the game is said to be a bunch of Nintendo’s smaller characters “fighting to be Nintendo’s big star”.

And finally, the reason Diddy Kong was taken out of Mario Kart 8 was because he was getting his own racing game: Diddy Kong Racing 2, which will reportedly be announced in 2015.

We’ll have to wait and see on this one. Take this information with grain of salt, as it comes from a previously unproven source.