“Did You Know Gaming” offers some cool insights into the Wii U

wii u prototype

Did You Know Gaming is a cool YouTube channel that offers interesting facts and trivia about games, consoles, and gaming in general. Their latest episode takes a look at the Wii U console, its history, and more.

It offers some cool insights, such as:

  • There were 3 different dev kits, each in a different color. And Nintendo never told developers the difference between them (!)
  • The Wii U console took 4 years to develop. Work started just 2 years after the Wii launched.
  • When Western developers had problems with the dev kit and software and asked Nintendo for help, it took a week to get a response from Japan (!)
  • Nintendo made 30 small prototype games to test the Wii U — those game led to the creation of Nintendo Land.

You can watch the episode below: