Did Amazon just out the release of Mother 3? [RUMOR]


Long time fans of the Earthbound series were super stoked earlier this year when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that Earthbound would be coming to the Wii U virtual console. While this excited many fans, many more were hoping that Mother 3, a game that was never ported and brought to the West would finally be unveiled soon. Now, fans may not have to wait much longer, if a recent Amazon description of GameInformer is to be believed.

According to the listing, next month’s issue of Game Informer will feature a preview of a game called Earthbound Forever, which is really a remastering of the entire Mother trilogy, including Mother 3. According to the brief blurb we’ll see an interview with the series creator and the game is scheduled to release in 2016.

Do you believe this is the next issue of Game Informer? Are we about to be inundated with Earthbound greatness?