Dev: Wii U may do ‘even better’ than Wii

Amidst a wasteland of negativity and scepticism, a developer spurs our hopes, claiming that the Wii U could outsell the Wii.

On the Wii U, Giants Software’s Mark Schwegler says, “There’s a lot of potential that’s not tapped yet, if it is and if it will be then I think it could be more popular than the Wii because it’s something more.”

The Wii console has sold over 98 million units worldwide, but Schwegler’s stance is firm. “I think it should do as well as the Wii, maybe even better. It’s difficult to say, it’s really depending on what games they will add that really use the extra device you get with it.”

Regarding that extra device, he adds that the Gamepad enables for a whole set of controls, trumping the Wii remote and nunchuk, which, by comparison, often relied on motion technology.

His opinion is fairly straightforward. Wii U is a machine still to be unveiled; it needs great software to bring its features and innovations to life.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to doubt the existence of such software even now. Nintendo has already announced a range of highly-anticipated games set for release this year, and they’ve teased quite a few more to be revealed at E3.

The Wii U may not be selling as well as Nintendo would like. But times change, predictions are premature, and a slew of new experiences awaits just beyond the horizon. What new experiences are you looking forward to?

[via nowgamer]