10 Best Things to Do in Detroit

Immerse yourself in the resilient spirit of Detroit, the metropolis whose fortunes mirror the American Dream. Once the heartbeat of the American auto industry, Detroit’s journey from prosperity to decline, and its stirring revival, stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of its people. The city hums with innovation while paying homage to its storied past. With its grand architecture, burgeoning art scene, and its deep-rooted music culture, Detroit is a city teeming with soul and character. Dive into this intriguing narrative and discover the top 10 experiences that make Detroit a compelling destination on any traveler’s map.

1. Detroit Institute of Arts

Immerse yourself in the world of fine arts at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Don’t miss the Rivera Court, where Diego Rivera’s iconic Detroit Industry Murals celebrate the city’s rich industrial heritage.

2. The Henry Ford

Step back in time at The Henry Ford, an expansive complex that includes a museum, a village, and a factory tour. It’s an all-encompassing journey into American innovation.

3. Detroit Riverwalk

Take a leisurely stroll along the Detroit Riverwalk, a scenic five-and-a-half-mile stretch along the Detroit River with stunning views of Canada and the Detroit skyline.

4. Motown Museum

Tap into Detroit’s rich musical heritage at the Motown Museum, located in the house where Berry Gordy founded the iconic Motown Record Corporation.

5. Belle Isle Park

Escape the urban hustle at Belle Isle Park, an island oasis in the Detroit River featuring a zoo, a conservatory, and a maritime museum.

6. Detroit Historical Museum

Uncover the city’s intriguing past at the Detroit Historical Museum. Exhibits like “Detroit: The Arsenal of Democracy” provide a deep dive into the city’s complex history.

7. Detroit Opera House

Indulge in a night of culture at the Detroit Opera House, a premier performing arts venue known for its stunning architecture and top-notch performances.

8. Eastern Market

Experience the buzz of Detroit’s food scene at Eastern Market, the largest historic public market district in the United States. It’s a feast for the senses and the soul.

9. Motor City Casino

Test your luck at the Motor City Casino, where the excitement never sleeps. Whether you’re a high-roller or a newbie, the casino offers an experience for everyone.

10. Detroit Auto Show

End your Detroit journey with a visit to the Detroit Auto Show (officially known as the North American International Auto Show), where the city’s automotive prowess takes center stage.

Detroit, the city of reinvention, beckons to be discovered. Its energy is palpable and infectious, wrapped up in a resilient spirit that continues to reshape its destiny. It’s a city that welcomes all – millennials seeking authentic experiences, families looking to bond over shared memories, or solo explorers on the hunt for the next great adventure. Detroit promises to challenge, charm, and inspire you. So go ahead, feel the rhythm, experience the resilience, and become part of the city’s ongoing narrative. Your Detroit story awaits. Pack your spirit of adventure and let Detroit surprise you!