DeNA thinks it can completely change mobile gaming with Nintendo’s help


DeNA’s CEO Shintaro Asako believes his partnership with Nintendo will completely revolutionize the mobile gaming landscape. In a recent interview at Pocket Gamer Connects in San Francisco, Asako called the partnership a huge deal for both companies, stating that they plan to build on both companies’ strengths to leverage their market potential.

What Asako means by this is that Nintendo will focus on providing a quality product for mobile users, while DeNA will handle the service aspect of games, keeping people engaged, and working with Nintendo to ensure its mobile gamers are just as happy as those who play on console. On the partnership, Asako said:

I think this is potentially an opportunity for us to completely change the market.

What evidence does he have to back it up? Asako said the success of the recent Kim Kardashian Hollywood game on both iOS and Android is a classic example of how great branding with a great backend can make a wildly successful product.