Dear Sophie Lee

Make sure you’re alone. This might make you cry.

This is Google’s newest commercial/ad/promo video for Google Chrome and boy is it a tear jerker. The concept is that a new dad uses the web to e-mail with all the various special moments in their lives, using GMail and Picasa and other Google products to tell the story of her life. Of course, they’re all accessed from within Google Chrome.

Daniel Lee – or “Dad” – ends with an e-mail to Sally saying he can’t wait to share these moments with her someday, followed by a pullout to reveal various products around the Chrome logo, ending with one final “click”.

Mother’s Day is Sunday and Father’s Day isn’t too far away… I wonder if Google will air these on live television. I really hope they do as this is brilliantly created. It’s so difficult to capture the lifestyle and emotion of products and these do so perfectly. They don’t really boast product features but instead go for the soft sell, explaining how your life is captured with the help of Google.

By the way… it’s the soundtrack that really puts it over the top. After you’re done tearing up, let us know what you think in the comments.