HOT DEALS: Amazon offering Samsung SD cards for up to 65% off


Aside from Google Drive, one of the most convenient ways to transfer files to and from your Chromebook is using SD cards. Finding quality SD and microSD cards can be expensive, though. It’s important to keep an eye out for good deals, which pop up from time to time. If you have been looking to get a new SD card, Amazon has your back today.

The popular internet retailer is holding awesome deals on Samsung SD and microSD cards as their Gold Box Deal of the Day. We wanted to give you a heads up about this, as some of these deals are awesome, with discounts of up to 65% off.

You will find both microSD and SD cards in the mix, just in case you also need to use them for your mobile devices. Samsung SD cards are actually some of the best out there. These are good-looking, come with great speeds and are super durable.

I just purchased a Samsung 16GB PRO SDHC. This SD card offers speeds of up to 80 MB per second down and 40 MB per second up. It is also aater proof, temperature Proof, X-Ray proof and magnetic proof. I am a photography enthusiast, so keeping my files safe is important.

You may not need all that protection and speeds, though. In which case they do have other options. Go check them out and find out which of these deals is the best for you.

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