Deal: Walmart has Nintendo 3DS chargers for only $0.99


The New Nintendo 3DS XL is releasing this weekend and if you haven’t owned a Nintendo 3DS in the past, you’ll need to purchase a charger separately as Nintendo is not shipping these new systems with the charger included. The charger has been removed from the packaging for several regions including Europe and Japan for a while now, but this is the first occasion that a piece of hardware will be released without the accompanying charger in North America.

The good news is Walmart is having a clearance sale on their stock of third-party chargers, which work just as well as a Nintendo charger. Typically these cost $6.99, but Walmart has slashed the price tremendously to bring it down to just $0.99. Even if you don’t need a new charger, for that price it may not be a bad idea to have an extra around. There’s no telling how long the deal will last, so if you need a charger before this weekend you might want to jump on it.

For those who already have a charger from their previous system, you might not know that the New Nintendo 3DS XL uses microSD cards instead of standard SD cards. It comes with a 4GB card included, but if you’ve amassed a game collection that is much larger than that, you’ll need to upgrade. Yesterday we showcased which cards Nintendo recommends, as well as our own recommendation if you’re comfortable following our micro SDXC format guide for the Nintendo 3DS XL.