DblClickDial Extension – Makes Your NewTab A Blank Page

A member at our forum called ‘foosy’, developed a basic but quite an interesting plugin for Google Chrome earlier called the DblClickDial (read as double click dial). As you guys know that one of the path-breaking features of Google Chrome Browser is the Thumbnail History of the most visited sites , which shows up when you launch Google Chrome or when you open a New Tab by pressing Ctrl+t.

Though this feature is very useful as one can quickly go to the website which he frequents often thus saving time, but there are certain occasions where one does not want other’s to see what sites are you visiting often. This is where the DblClickDial Plugin will have a role.

DblClickDial Plugin Features:

* Replace The New Tab on Chrome from Thumbnail History of most visited sites to a Blank Page.
* Ability to Hide/Show the Thumbnail History by just double clicking anywhere on the Blank Page.
* Faster response time when opening a new tab.

Installation And Support:
DblClickDial gives you the flexibility of having the newtab pages blank by default, and upon dblclick- view your history.
Need to hide it again- just double-click anywhere on the page.

Download Double Click plugin