Dayframe update: Chromecast slideshow now free for all!


Dayframe was one of the first Android apps to adopt Chromecast compatibility when the Google Cast SDK was released. It has offered great functionality for displaying your images on a TV, but Chromecast functionality was exclusive to Prime subscribers. The app has just been updated, though, offering Chromecast slideshows for free.

We can expect other Chromecast features to stay exclusive to paid subscribers. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a catch, though. Even if there will be no ads or restrictions, free users will get a small logo on the TV screen, as well as occasional pop-up reminders. Buying the Prime subscription will get rid of these.

dayframe-5I have reviewed Dayframe in the past and actually like it much more than I thought it would. The app supports images from many social networks and websites, and you can interact with all your content. Commenting and “liking” are just a couple of the features the app offers. You can read more about it in our Dayframe review.

How much does Dayframe Prime cost?

Now, if you decide you want to invest in the app, it is currently priced at $2.99 (price is said to go up to $4.99 at some point). But the developer, Cloud.TV, has a special offer running right now. You can get Dayframe Prime for just $0.99 for a few days after the 2.3 update was released.

You should check out the app and see if this may be an app you want to pay for. Try to be quick – that $0.99 offer won’t be around for long.

Download Dayframe from the Google Play Store