Dark Souls II not on Wii U because the core audience is too different, says producer


Dark Souls II is arguably the most popular release for last-gen consoles coming up next year, with a release date of March 14, 2014. Edge Magazine sat down with the game’s producer, Takeshi Miyazoe to ask about several different aspects of producing the game–namely for PC–but the Wii U was also mentioned. When asked whether From Software and Namco ever considered a Wii U port of the game, the reply was a blunt “no.”

The following question as to why received laughter, followed by this explanation:

“Wii U never came up, and we never doubted that (decision) either. It was more of a company decision, so I wasn’t the one that decided this, but I think the audience for the Wii U is a lot different from the audience for Dark Souls.”

It’s interesting to see a Japanese developer believes that the audience for Dark Souls is fundamentally different than that of someone who would enjoy a Wii U. Personally, I own Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and I have Dark Souls II collector’s edition pre-ordered, while the Wii U console sits neatly under my television. It should be interesting to note that many people who enjoy the Monster Hunter series would likely be fans of Dark Souls as well.

Regardless, the PS Vita got the same treatment as the Wii U from the developers, as they believe the game isn’t a handheld game and should be played with network functionality enabled always. You can check out the rest of the interview here.