D-Central: McAfee’s $100 device that will keep the NSA out of your internet

Image: U.S. anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee

To be a Chrome fan, you must first be an internet fan. If you have been keeping up with the news, the NSA hasn’t been taking it easy on internet privacy. Our whole lives are online and the NSA can have it with a few clicks/calls, but what if there was a device that stopped them from accessing our private information?

Infamous John McAfee, popular anti-virus founder, says he is working on a $100 (or less) device that will block the NSA from accessing your internet endeavors – the D-Central. “There will be no way [for the government] to tell who you are or where you are”, says McAfee.

The device creates a private network with a reach of (get this!) 3 blocks. Anyone in this area would be able to communicate and access the web with no fear of the government sticking its nose in their business. D-Central is also protected with very powerful encryption, which McAfee promises is impenetrable by the NSA.

It has been a long-time project for the company, but he believes the device should be ready for prime time in about 6 months. There are concerns of the US banning said device, but John is not exactly worried about that. He says that if that were to happen, the D-Central would simply go on sale in other markets.

Now, let’s talk security. Yes, we understand that many of us would like to keep our information private. At the same time, would a device like this do more harm than good? This is what may raise a red flag at the White House.

Such a device could be used for malicious purposes. After all, why else would you want to protect your information from the NSA, right? We are sure D-Central would also serve its purpose against other entities, but there seems to be a high focus in blocking the government.

What do you think? Should the government ban this device from being sold in the USA?