Cute indie platformer Sally’s Law is coming to Switch

Last year Nanali Studios released their cute indie platformer Sally’s Law, and next year, it will be coming to the Switch.

In Sally’s law, players control Sally, but unlike other platformers, Sally rolls across the levels, and you have to use this weird approach to solving puzzles and get around.

You can check out a gameplay trailer above. Here’s how the developer describes the game:

“Sally’s Law is the opposite of Murphy’s Law. Consider a particularly lucky moment of your life when everything fell into place, that is Sally’s Law! It is that very notion of supernaturally good fortune – as though guided by some invisible force – upon which Sally’s Law the Game was designed.

Follow along with Sally as she effortlessly rolls and leaps towards home. Discover Father’s story through flashbacks along the way.”

The game will be released on the Switch in Winter 2018.