Fans have already begun creating amazing custom 8-bit Mario amiibo

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 7.27.27 AM

One of the most unique aspects of amiibo is what the fan community can do to modify them to look like their favorite characters. We’ve already seen some crazy amiibo mods, including a Luigi-turned-Waluigi amiibo someone put on eBay for $199.

Now fans are doing the same for the recently released 8-bit Mario in classic colors. The first mod is a simple one but makes you say ah ha! as you wonder why Nintendo didn’t consider it a possibility. Before Mario had a raccoon tail, a cape, or a propeller hat, the original power-up was the fire flower. This mod makes it so the amiibo appears to have eaten one of those flowers.

Next up fans didn’t want to leave out the evil Wario brothers duo, so both Wario and Waluigi have been given a custom paint job. Not bad at all and there’s even special attention paid to the eyes to set them apart.

Finally, while it may be the 30th anniversary for Mario, he does have a second half that’s oft-forgotten. This fan mod turns the 8-bit Mario into an 8-bit Luigi, so if the man in green is your favorite, this one’s for you. Considering Nintendo’s dedication to the Year of Luigi a few years back, it’s a shame this one isn’t official.

What do you think? Which of the custom amiibo is your favorite? Got any ideas for making your own after seeing these?