Curve Digital announces Four Sided Fantasy for Wii U

Curve Digital have announced they’re teaming up with developer Ludo Land to bring their game, Four Sided Fantasy to the Wii U. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter early last year and while the original developer will be working on the PC version of the game, Curve have announced they’ve secured a deal with Ludo Land to work on the development of the console versions, including the Wii U.

As you can see from the announcement trailer, the game takes spatial awareness to a new plane, as you can alter the dimensions of the game to function like old timey platformers like Pac-Man, where you disappear on one side of the screen only to come out on the other. This works both up and down and side to side in the game and you’ll need to manipulate the world around you in order to progress in this puzzle platformer.

There’s no solid release date set for either the PC or the console version of the game, but Curve Digital says they expect to have it ready for release some time in 2016.