Copy of Super Mario Bros. sells for $30,000

You can get a copy of Super Mario Bros. on eBay for about 5 bucks. But do you know what a mint, sealed copy of Super Mario Bros costs? About $30,000. That’s what a copy of the game fetched at a auction recently.

The game was sold on eBay and the seller confirmed that the buyer was real and paid for the auction. Which makes it one of the most expensive games ever sold.

The auction attracted dozens of bids before the buyer came up with $30,100.44 to win it.

The seller had the game (and other mint, sealed NES games) laying around in his office for years before he decided to sell them. And what a good decision that was.

He also sold a mint, sealed copy of Kid Icarus, which “only” netted him $11,000.

Here’s what a $30,000 Super Mario Bros. game looks like: