Controlling the Chromebook Pixel’s lightbar [VIDEO]


The Chromebook Pixel’s light bar is one of the device’s most interesting components. It is said to be there only “because it looks cool”, but developers have shown us that it could be used for much more than that in the future. In fact, we believe it could become a notification light of sorts.

With enough tinkering and coding, developers can control the light bar to do what one wants. In fact, developer Asier Arranz has even managed to use a Leap Motion controller to make the Pixel’s light bar follow his hand motions. You can see a demonstration of it right below.

At the very least, it is a very fun hack and great light show. We are sure more is coming, though. Imagine getting a red notification when one gets an email. Or a blue one when a new notification hits your Facebook account. How about a small light show every time one gets a Hangout or Google Voice call?

This could all become possible in the future, and we are willing to be it is in the plans. Even if Google claims the light bar is there “just because it looks cool”. What other use cases do you think the light bar could be convenient for?