10 Best Things to Do in Connecticut [Bucket List]

Welcome to Connecticut, where history whispers from every corner, and nature’s splendor unfolds in a stunning array of colors and landscapes. It’s a state that weaves tales of a storied past into the fabric of its charming small towns and bustling cities, capturing the imagination and kindling the spirit of adventure. A place where you can trace the steps of literary legends one day, and lose yourself amidst verdant trails the next. Intrigued? Come, let’s uncover the treasures that this New England gem has to offer.

The Connecticut Bucket List

1. Tour Mark Twain’s House:

Begin your journey in Hartford with a visit to the home of America’s beloved author, Mark Twain. Wander through the intricately designed interiors, where echoes of Twain’s wit and wisdom imbue each artifact and furnishing. It’s not just a house, but a portal to a bygone era, steeped in literary history.

2. Explore Mystic Seaport:

As the nation’s leading maritime museum, Mystic Seaport transports you into a fascinating world of ships, sea-faring traditions, and maritime history. Step aboard historic vessels, learn about America’s seafaring past, and take in the picturesque beauty of Mystic River.

3. Adventure at Lake Compounce:

Brace yourself for a day of thrill and excitement at Lake Compounce, the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America. From roller coasters to water rides, this Bristol gem has something for everyone in the family.

4. Hike the Appalachian Trail:

Lace up your hiking boots and conquer a segment of the famed Appalachian Trail. Traverse rolling hills, serene forests, and rugged terrain as you immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Connecticut’s wilderness.

5. Visit Yale University Art Gallery:

In the heart of New Haven lies Yale University Art Gallery, a trove of artistic masterpieces from around the globe. From ancient artifacts to modernist paintings, this impressive collection invites a journey through the corridors of human creativity.

6. Stroll Through the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden:

Home to over 800 varieties of roses, the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden in West Hartford is a floral paradise. Blooming in a riot of colors, the garden paints a picture straight out of a Monet canvas.

7. Wine Tasting at Gouveia Vineyards:

Savor the flavors of Connecticut at Gouveia Vineyards. Nestled amidst lush, rolling hills, this Wallingford winery offers a delightful foray into the world of winemaking, accompanied by stunning views and exquisite wines.

8. Experience History at Weir Farm National Historic Site:

Celebrate the legacy of American Impressionism at Weir Farm National Historic Site. Explore the studios, gardens, and the house that once belonged to J. Alden Weir, and discover the captivating interplay of art and nature.

9. Discover the PEZ Visitor Center:

Take a sweet detour to the PEZ Visitor Center in Orange, a colorful exhibition dedicated to the iconic candy. A trip here is a journey back in time, through the delightful world of PEZ.

10. Witness the Magic of the Glass House:

In New Canaan, visit the architectural marvel that is the Glass House. Designed by Philip Johnson, this structure of transparency and minimalism challenges conventional notions of design, offering an unforgettable experience.

Remember that Connecticut’s charm doesn’t end with these ten stops. Every turn in this state invites discovery, every path leads to a new story. It’s a place where nature’s masterpiece coexists with architectural innovation, and centuries-old history is interwoven with vibrant modernity. So, pack your bags, load the car, and set off on an unforgettable journey into the heart of New England. The enchantment of Connecticut awaits.