CNN Money breaks down the Wii U cost part by part [Video]

We’ve known for some time that Nintendo is selling the Wii U at a loss, which is why the company refuses to offer a price cut similarly to the 3DS when it launched. But just how much of a loss is Nintendo making on the Wii U? CNN Money did a tear down of all the parts and found that for the basic white Wii U, the total cost comes in at $228. That’s about $70 less than the $299 suggested retail price and while that doesn’t seem like a loss, one must take into account the years of research and development that went into creating the Wii U.

Still, this price difference between the actual cost of the unit and the price cuts we’ve seen from European retailers lead us to believe that there is a sweet spot for a price cut in the unit. As mentioned in the video, the Wii U sold 3 million units during its short stint in 2012, but by January 2013, only 100k units were sold.

[via CNN Money]