Citizens of Earth gameplay demo at ATLUS’ E3 booth [VIDEO]

Citizens of Earth started as a Kickstarter project before moving on the being picked up by ATLUS, who is now publishing the title and expects to have it ready for multiple platforms in October of 2014. We got a hands-on look of the game at E3 this year, starting with the quick intro and some of the combat.

As you can see you play as the Vice President of Earth, who still lives at home with his mom and brother. You can recruit various citizens throughout the game to help you with your tasks and each of their recruitment requirements are a bit different. Some of them require assistance, like the crazy cat lady who wants all of her kittens back, while your mother will join your party and nag your enemies to death.

Of course, being a dirty politician you never actually do any of the fighting yourself, but instead command your citizens around the map. The demo available at E3 was pretty brief, but as you can see the combat and top-down view is very much inspired by Earthbound. For those of you who are Earthbound fans, the humor and art direction of the game should be pretty pleasing.

The game is scheduled to release on Wii U in October.