Chromoting remote desktop app also coming to iOS


Google has been working on an Android app that will allow you to control your computers remotely – Chromoting. So far we have only heard of an Android app in the works, but today we are glad to report that iOS users will be getting some remote desktop love from Google as well!

What is Chromoting

chromotingMany of you will recognize the icon attached to this app. It is, in fact, the same icon the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Chromebooks uses. This leads us to believe Chromoting will pretty much have the same functionality as Chrome OS’ Chrome Remote Destop.

This app allows users to remotely control and manage other computers and devices that operate the Chrome browser. It uses Chrome as the mediator between devices and offers remote desktop control over the internet.

Price and availability

We already have many options of this kind, but having an official solution is always great. Not to mention, most of us already use Chrome. There will be no need for any third-party apps, extensions or software. To top it off with the juiciest of cherries, the app will be completely FREE.

The iOS app is still in its design stages, according to the issue tracker. It should be released some time after its Android counterpart, but at least we know Apple users will be getting support too!

We are not sure if the Chrome OS version will be rebranded once these apps are released, but it would be weird to have pretty much the same service/app with different names on multiple platforms.