Chromoting Android app to let us control Chrome desktop from your phone

chromotingChrome Remote Desktop is an awesome Chrome app for controlling your desktop computer from our Chromebooks, but there is no (official) way to do it from our smartphones yet. This will change soon – Google is working on a smartphone solution named Chromoting.

If you haven’t used Chrome Remote Desktop you have to check it out. It uses your Chrome browser and Google account to give your Chromebook remote access to your computer. There are many similar solutions, but this one allows you to control your computer without installing any extra programs. If you have Chrome you can use it.

Chromoting will do something similar but using your smartphone instead of your Chromebook could be much more convenient sometimes. It shouldn’t be long before we get to test Chromoting. The Chromium team is all over it and we should be seeing it soon.

[Chromium via François Beaufort]