Download the Chromespot News Chrome extension!


Chances are most of you are using Chrome right now. Not only because you are reading this Chrome-centric website, but Chrome happens to be the most popular browser. It’s important you stay up-to-date on all the Chrome happenings. We are dedicated to bringing you the best content, but now we have also made our content much more accessible to you!

We have just released a Chromespot extension for your Chrome browser, bringing you constant access to our site’s article feed. This follows the same style and UI as the Chrome extension our sister site released last week. It is really a neat extension that will help you stay in the loop about your Chrome news.


Chromespot News Chrome extension features

  • Displays article cards with the title and thumbnail that describe the content at hand.
  • Read articles are markes as “Read” with a washed out effect.
  • Unread articles are bolder and more colorful.
  • You can mark articles as Read or Unread.
  • There is a link to the homepage, and clicking on articles will open a new Chrome tab with the selected article.

Chromespot News Chrome extension settings

Much like the UI, the settings are also very straight-forward and simple to operate. Simply access the options page (here is an article that shows you how to access Chrome extensions’ options) and you will be presented with two settings.

  • Update interval: allows you to select how often you want the extension’s content to be refreshed.
  • Max Notifications: allows you to select how many new notifications can be triggered after every refresh.

Download the Chromespot News Chrome extension

The Chromespot News extension is free and available from the Chrome Web Store. You can download it from the link below and give it a try! Please do let us know if you like it or find any issues. Special thanks to our developer, Steve Albright!

Oh, and while you are at it you might also want to get our Chromespot News Android app. They are very similar and go hand-in-hand together.