Chromekey: a rumored $35 dongle that mirrors any device


New rumors of a supposed Chromekey dongle have emerged. It was believed that this would be a Chrome OS device, but as more details show up we are being convinced that it’s actually something completely different. The device is said to be a companion unit that can mirror your Chrome browser from any device to an HDMI-enabled display (TV, monitor, etc.).

The unit is said to work with any Chrome browser after an upcoming update is released. It will connect to your devices’ browser via WiFi and take care of all the work via your network. The feature is said to come under the “CAST” monicker, making its functions quite self-explanatory.

GoogleChromeKeyChain01What’s more interesting is the possibility that it might not be a Chrome-only device in the future. Other smartphone apps could possibly support the mirroring function, allowing you to view any content on your large screen.

Specs are said to include an HDMI connector (obviously), a single-core processor, 2 GB of internal storage, 512 MB of RAM memory, CEC, VP8 and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi – all powered via USB. Droid-Life’s sources say the device will be available for purchase straight from the Google Play Store, Best Buy and Amazon (at least at first).

That is a good list of details for what could be a rather interesting device. And for $35 the dingle may offer a great deal of functionality for Chrome users. I just have to wonder why this technology isn’t built into Google TV devices, though. It’s a feature all Google TV fans have been begging for, many times forcing them to go for an Apple TV/Mac combo for mirroring purposes.

You can be sure we will keep an eye open on this one, so stay tuned for upcoming details!