Chromecast launching in the UK this Wednesday!

Chromecast peeking

We recently learnt the popular Chromecast dongle would finally reach our friends in the United Kingdom. Sundar Pichai mentioned the device would come to other markets within weeks, the app was updated with new languages and we even had a nice leak of the Chromecast being prepared for launch in the UK. We just needed one more detail – the exact release date.

The latest leak comes from our friends at Android Police. It’s an internal document that states a “new Google product” will be released this Wednesday, March 19th. This document is said to come from Dixon’s, a popular UK retailer. It’s also labeled as “one of the biggest products this year from Google.”

Now, this document doesn’t specify it’s talking about the Chromecast, but we have been seeing many rumors and news about the HDMI dongle lately. We can’t imagine this being about any other product.

Price continues to be unspecified. The only details we know came from the last rumor, which suggests the price will be £30. Regardless, we will learn all this information very soon. Circle this coming Wednesday in your calendars, guys! March 19th is looking like the day we see the Chromecast reaching UK retailers.