Chromecast now open for developers – let the fun begin!


The Google Chromecast has been taking over our living rooms. It’s really a no-brainer purchase considering its functionality and its $35 price point. There is a bit of a downside though, supported apps continue to be limited, even if they are growing. With today’s move from Google, this will change forever!

Google said 2014 would be Chromecast’s year and that wasn’t a lie. The Google Cast SDK (Software Development Kit) is out now, making the Chromecast open to all developers! This means all app creators can start baking Chromecast compatibility into their apps. Support will no longer be limited only to the apps Google chooses!

This is very exciting news, as we will start seeing some amazing Chromecast functionality coming. I can’t wait to see some of my favorite apps coming! If you are a developer, you should be just as excited. We can’t wait until you bring us your awesome content, so jump into the Google Developers blog to learn more!