Get a free movie from the Google Play Store when you buy a Chromecast!


The Chromecast is becoming very popular and hitting all the major retailers in the US! You can go test it and all, but if you are still not convinced the latest offer may make you jump the fence. As an incentive to purchase the HDMI dongle, Google is currently offering a free Google Play Store movie rental to anyone who purchases a Chromecast.

It’s really quite simple. You will get a free movie rental, which must cost $6 or less (very rarely do movie rentals cost more). If you purchase the device from the Google Play Store, you will receive an email with the needed details as soon as the device ships. The same process applies if you purchase it from Amazon or Best Buy, but you will get the promotional code in your receipt if you purchase the device in-store.

The deal starts today and ends on December 25th, 2013. Great for all of those looking to buy a Chromecast for the holidays! Also, if you are looking for a tablet you might want to know Google is also offering $25 in Google Play Store credit if you purchase a new Nexus 7. Pretty neat stuff! Go get them!