Amazon Chromecast orders delayed, backordered 2-3 months

Chromecast peeking

It looks like Amazon is experiencing a serious supply issue with the Google Chromecast. The online retailer has started notifying customers that their shipments will be delayed. This wouldn’t normally concern us, but get this — Amazon is saying they won’t be able to ship the Chromecast until late October at the earliest.

They have given October 17th-30th as the shipping window for not only new orders, but even those who have ordered since the thing was available. We’ve received several reports of those who originally had August 21st as their ship date being notified by Amazon that the aforementioned October window is the new shipping window. Amazon also publicizes a delay of 2-3 months on its listing for the device on its website.

It’s worthy to note that Google Play is still shipping orders in 2-3 weeks, and Best Buy’s stock seems to be normalizing at a more comfortable pace than what Amazon’s is. There are other options, so if you can’t wait that long for a Chromecast you’ll definitely want to explore them.

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