Chromebooks Can Run Windows, Macs Remotely [CHROMOTING]

Bombshell: everyone who thought the Chromebooks were total fails only limited to running stuff in the browser are about to change their mind. Google’s FAQ for Chrome OS has been updated to mention “Chromoting”. This will be a free feature offered by Google that allows remote access to your Mac or PC, meaning your Chromebook can essentially do anything your Mac or PC can do.

In the near future, you’ll also be able to run traditional software remotely on our Chrome notebook. Companies like Citrix are developing solutions that will be available in the Web Store, and we are developing a free service called Chromoting that will enable Chrome notebook users to remotely access their existing PCs and Macs.

You might be thinking, “Remote access – whoopdy doo,” but I think this is a reason to be excited. Combine this concept with virtualization, Chromebox, and some other connectivity features I’m willing to bet Google has thought about and Chromebooks could become lean, mean powerhouse machines – especially for enterprise and education who want to essentially run duplicate versions of the same machine. Get my drift?

I’m already eager to see some chromoting in action… or would that be chromotion?

[Via Chrome Forum]