Chromebooks made 21% of 2013’s laptop sales in the US


We don’t need to tell you Chromebooks are on the rise. The numbers are have been looking great since the introduction of the Samsung Chromebook, which became successful thanks to its $250 price tag. Just how well are Chromebooks doing, though?

NDP Group put together some stats and the numbers are looking much better than we thought! Chromebooks made up for a whopping 21% of all USA laptop sales in 2013. This may not seem like a big number, but in a market where laptop and desktop sales are decreasing this is a big achievement.


It’s important to note that Chromebooks also have the biggest growth of sales. Chromebooks hold 9.6% of all computers and tablets combined, which is monumental compared to last year’s 0.2%.

With Chromebooks taking 21% of all laptop sales, it’s no wonder Windows is releasing all those Scroogled ads trashing Chrome OS. I mean that is a 5th of all laptop sales! This is no small feat – congrats, Google! Now let’s look forward to an even more amazing 2014. How about that new Samsung Chromebook to start the year?

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