Chromebooks quickly taking over schools


Chromebooks are not only entertainment and browsing machines, they have also proved to be great education tools. Not only do Chromebooks now make up for 21% of all laptop sales, Samsung has also made Chrome OS very successful. It was impressive to learn Samsung held 10% of all K-12 computers, but what about Chromebooks in general?

According to the most recent studies, Chrome OS held 20% of the K-12 third quarter share in 2013. This means 1 in every 5 computers in all US schools is a Chromebook! This is a huge boost, considering Chromebooks only accounted for 1% of education computers in 2012.

In comparison, Mac and Windows computers are becoming less popular, with a share of 4% and 28%, relatively. It’s especially surprising to see Windows’ drop, which held 47.5% of the education market in 2012. Ouch! No wonder they are so desperately worried.

Meanwhile, Chromebooks continue to be on the rise. We previously discussed the benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom, and whether they are the right solution or not. Clearly, they are.

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